Common questions:

Are you new to massage?

What to expect:

Before the treatment, a detailed health history is taken to ensure that massage is suitable and safe.

How does massage feel?

Therapeutic massage on healthy tissue is a pleasant sensation. When an area of injury or chronic pain is being massaged, there may be a few minutes of discomfort. The pressure or depth of massage is always adjusted to your comfort level. 

Are you nervous about being massaged?

You are covered by a sheet during the entire massage. The only portion of your body that will be uncovered is the area being treated. Your modesty will always be respected. If there are any areas you are not comfortable having massaged, let me know. 

An accepting, nonjudgmental atmosphere is necessary to achieve relaxation and promote healing. Everyone is welcome. We are LGBTQ friendly. 

Any topics discussed during a session are held in strict confidence. 

What kind of massage oil is used?

Only food grade coconut oil is used during treatment. It is great for your skin and washes easily out of your clothes. Coconut oil also has the benefit of being hypoallergenic. 

How often should I get a massage?

The frequency of massage needed depends on the severity of the soft tissue damage. A severe injury or painful chronic condition may require several weekly massages. Gradually the frequency of massages are decreased until a person can live comfortably with treatments every month, six weeks, or as needed. 

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